New York, NY February 3rd 2016
Larry Jaeger, President of Prestige Healthcare Management Group, announces strategic partnership with VC firm to finance expansion into emerging markets.
Prestige Healthcare is expanding the scope of its business, partnering with an investment firm to bolster acquisitions and increase its stake in the Healthcare Management services industry. Prestige Health offers physicians, medical practices, hospitals, outpatient clinics and healthcare providers essential business management expertise and administrative tools to streamline operating costs, stimulate growth and maximize revenues. Larry Jaeger , a successful and respected New York City Dermatologist who owns and operates five Dermatology treatment centers including Advanced Dermatology Associates in Manhattan and The Bronx founded Prestige Healthcare in 2002 to impart proven management techniques to offset the growing overhead and expense of medical office operations.
Lawrence Jaeger recently commented, “ I set out to create a medical management company that would allow medical providers to concentrate on patient care, while leaving business administration tasks to strategic professionals. Utilizing the same principles that helped me create a thriving personal practice, Prestige Health was born and immediately attracted a solid client base of healthcare professionals needing business management support.”
Larry Jaeger continues, “As an owner and operator of a medical practice in New York City for over 25 years, I am acutely aware of the pressures and obstacles that providers face in managing costs in their efforts to provide affordable healthcare. Economic downturns and the evolving Obamacare landscape have created an environment where incorporating a professional management team into your practice is not only a sound business practice, but paramount to success.”
Lawrence Jaeger has grown Prestige Healthcare Management Group into the largest specialty private practice management company in New York City. Core to the enterprise’s success is owning and operating healthcare related real estate investments throughout the Metropolitan area. Being vested in this vertical creates an advantageous environment for attracting new business from within the community of healthcare practitioners who are more likely to partner with a firm that has as many years managing medical practices as negotiating medical real estate acquisitions.
Larry Jaeger has a unique approach to multi center private healthcare marketing strategies. Relying on a foundational approach commencing with demographic research and business model analysis it encompasses management of finance and accounting, payroll services, human resources, investor relations and legal support. Prestige Health’s adherence to comprehensive medical compliance policies for billing ensures clients that their corporate integrity remains intact.
About Prestige Healthcare Management Group: Founded in 2002 by New York Dermatologist Larry Jaeger, Prestige Healthcare Management Group acquires and manages medical related real estate investments as well as providing business management services for healthcare providers.
Source: Prestige Healthcare Management Group