Prestige Healthcare Management Group

Prestige Healthcare Management Group is the largest private practice medical management company in New York. Founded by New York Dermatologist Larry Jaeger in 2002, Prestige Healthcare offers medical professionals expert management and business analysis tools necessary for running a successful Healthcare practice. New and established practices benefit from comprehensive services designed by Dr. Larry Jaeger that allow physicians, medical practices and hospitals to streamline business related and administrative tasks allowing them to concentrate on efficient patient care.

Core Services:

  • Medical Real Estate Management
  • Medical Real Estate Acquisition and Investment
  • Electronic Medical Records Utilization
  • Medical Billing Compliance Training and Management
  • Financial and Account Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Human Resources
  • Investor Relations
  • Legal Support

Prestige Healthcare Management Group is a proven medical management provider with an excellent history of helping Healthcare businesses achieve profitability by maximizing employee efficiency, cutting costs and defining potential areas of growth. We are the experts in the field of medical real estate acquisition, financing and management. Our team of business professionals has many years experience negotiating the Healthcare real estate landscape, managing investments and providing financing while focusing on Healthcare efficiency.